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About Constanța

One of the hottest cities in Romania, with the largest port in the Black Sea basin and located in the southeast of Romania – it is about Constanța, one of the oldest certified cities in the country, since 657 B.C. Constanța is the only city in Romania served by all modern means of transport, namely road, rail, sea, river and air. From the point of view of road infrastructure, the city is connected by Bucharest via the A2 Highway.
After the Second World War, Constanța remains the most important port city on the Romanian Black Sea coast, but also the second largest port on the Black Sea in the European Union, after Varna.

City Dinamics

Constanța is a real industrial, commercial and tourist center of national importance, here being the largest port in Romania and the sixteenth largest in Europe, in which the shipyard operates.Considered the symbol of the city, the Casino in Constanța has a perfect architecture being one of the best examples of art nouveau architecture in Romania. From an educational point of view, Constanța is home to over 500 schools, including bilingual educational institutions. Regarding the higher education units, the most important are: “Ovidius” University, “Mircea cel Batran” Naval Academy and Constanța Marine University.
From the point of view of events, Constanța hosts annually the largest music festival (Neversea) that takes place on a beach in Romania.

City's neighborhoods

From an administrative point of view, Constanța has many neighborhoods such as: Abator, Anadalchioi, Aurel Vlaicu, Badea Cârțan, Berechet, Boreal (Brest), Brotăcei, Casa de Cultura, Historic Center, CET, Coiciu, Constanța Nord (Consilierilor District / Rotterdam), Cireșica, Constanța Sud, Dacia, Dolphinarium, Energy, North Cliff, South Cliff (Gate 6), Lighthouse, Hungry, Railway Station, Pit, Halta Traian, ICIL , I.C. Brătianu (Filimon Sârbu between 1948 – 1990), Ring I, Ring II, Justice, Km. 4,, Km. 4-5, Km. 5, Mamaia (former Lenin), Medeea, Obor, Palas, Palazu Mare, Peninsula, Pescărie, Piața Chiliei, Piața Griviței, Piața Unirii, Portul Constanța, Satul de Vacanta, Tăbăcărie, Tomis I, Tomis II, Tomis III, Tomis IV , Tomis Nord, Tomis Plus, Trocaderom, Veterans, Victoria, Viile Noi, Zona Industrială.

The most important
Real Estate Developers

Due to the exceptional area with enormous potential for infrastructure expansion, Constanța is a good facilitator regarding the real estate market. Among the most important real estate developers in the area we mention: Maurer Residence Constanța, Boreal Plus, Energia Residence, Cortes Residence, Tomis Tower and many others.

Why to invest in

Do you want to be at sea 365 days a year? If the answer is yes, we have the perfect option for you – Constanța. A place really worth to investi in. A city full of life, history, dynamic and constantly evolving. You certainly don’t have time to get bored!

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