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About Brașov

The city at the highest altitude in Romania with a winter that lasts 90 days and a summer of about 50 days a year, Brasov is the perfect place for winter sports lovers. Located in the center of Romania, in the inner curvature of the Carpathians and known as one of the most popular tourist attractions in Romania, it is a city full of life and history, surrounded by fascinating mountains and forests. Being one of the most beloved cities in the country, Brasov is full of objectives and interesting places that will leave anyone speechless. From the most emblematic historical monument and sign of the city to the most visited street, these places have stories that are worth knowing.

City Dinamics

The city where the first Romanian school with its own printing house was developed or where theaters and a philharmonic were established… this is how Brasov greets us, ennobled with a specific architecture, each building having its own picturesque. The city developed economically, the industrial development being a real success at the beginning of the 19th century when the first two large factories were set up, the “Scherg” cloth factory, then the “Brașov fabric factory”. We also find here the cream factory “Nivea” or the aircraft factory “I.A.R” (Romanian Aeronautical Industry) which
produced the first Romanian planes used in the Second World War.

Among the exceptional events that take place every year in Brașov, the most emblematic is the Golden Stag International Festival which gathers on its stage young talents and international values.

City's neighborhoods

The municipality of Brașov consists of the county seat city, but also Poiana Brașov, which has 12 ski slopes with varying degrees of difficulty. The location also enjoys biodiversity, intertwining the mountainous area with a diverse range of the spontaneous flora and wildlife of Romania.

From an administrative point of view, the city of Brașov is divided into the following districts: Historic Center (“Cetatea”), Brașovechi (the oldest district of the city), Blumăna, Șchei, Bartolomeu, Centrul Nou, Astra, Florilor – Craiter, Noua – Dârste, Poiana Brașov, Stupini, Timiș-Triaj, Tractorul, Valea Cetății (Răcădău) and Zizin (Uzina 2).

The most important
Real Estate Developers

Brașov is chosen by many real estate developers due to the advantage it offers in terms of location but also in terms of tourism and economic potential. Among the main real estate developers we mention: Avantgarden3, Maurer Villas, Cosmopolit Rise, Noua Residence 2, Sunnyville Plus, Urban Plaza, Nordis Brasov, Bliss Estate and more.

Why to invest in

Potential for the business environment, industrial, educational, cultural potential but especially tourism. These are some of the reasons why it is worth investing in Brasov, a city with notoriety, full of history and sports, but also with a perfect academic environment.

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