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About Iași

“The city of great ideas”, “New Rome” or the legendary “city of the 7 hills” – this is how we talk about Iasi, the residence city of the county of the same name. Located in the eastern part of Moldova, in the Moldavian Plain, it is located in the way of the old trade routes that connected northern and western Europe with the continental southeast and the Middle East.

City Dinamics

The city of the first great union, of the first theater show in Romanian, of the first memorial literary museum (Bojdeuca from Țicău) and of the first Museum of Natural History, Iași surprises us from all points of view. Here is the oldest university in Romania, currently called “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University, but also the continuation of the first high school of engineering – Gh. Asachi or the first high school of music in Romania – “George Enescu ”University of Arts. Iași also hosts the oldest university library in the country – the Central University Library “Mihai Eminescu”, with a book fund approaching 3 million copies, some extremely rare. The city is also notable from an economic and industrial point of view.

City's neighborhoods

The only city in the North-East development region of Romania, Iași has an area that can be called a “cultural district” – this being the Copou district. From North to West Iași is composed of the districts: Țicău, Sărărie, Podu de Fier, Agronomy, Târgu Cucului, Tudor Vladimirescu, Bucșinescu, Tătărași North and South, Windmill, Ciurchi, Metallurgy, Aviation, Dancu Industrial Zone, Base 3 , Bularga, Bucium, Socola, Frumoasa, Manta Roșie, Podu Roș, Dimitrie Cantemir, Țesătura, Nicolina 1 şi 2, CUG 1 and 2, Galata 1 and 2, Podu de Piatră, Zona Industrială Sud, Mircea cel Bătrân, Alexandru cel Bun, Gară, Dacia, Păcurari, Canta, Păcureț, Moara de Foc.

The most important
Real Estate Developers

With an extraordinary potential for real estate development, Iași brings together real estate developers with modern visions that are extraordinarily intertwined with the memorable history of the city. Among the main developers we mention: Hay Panoramic Residence, Soleia Residence, Panoramic Residence, Venetia Residence, Copou Garden Residence, Oscar Rainbow, Buz Residence, Azimut Copou, One Residence and many others.

Why to invest in

Why is it worth investing in Iasi? You will have great experiences and you will be part of an amazing community. Iași truly represents the epicenter of Romanian culture, history but also of the great prestigious Romanian universities.

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