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Cluj Napoca

About Cluj Napoca

The second largest city in Romania, with a history of over two millennia, we are talking about Cluj-Napoca, the city nicknamed “Heart of Transylvania” or “Treasure City”. The Cluj County seat is located between the Apuseni Mountains and the Transylvanian Plain, on the valley of the Someșul Mic River.

City Dinamics

Cluj-Napoca is one of the most important academic centers, having the largest university in Romania – Babeș-Bolyai University – state higher education institution – as well as Technical University – state technical higher education institution – but last but not least , Sapientia University – the largest Hungarian-language private university in Romania. In addition, Cluj-Napoca is one of the most important cultural, industrial and business centers, mentioning here important national companies such as Banca Transilvania, the pharmaceutical manufacturer Terapia, the cosmetics manufacturer Farmec and Ursus Brewery.

City's neighborhoods

After the revolution of 1989, due to the liberalization of the real estate market, the built-up area of Cluj increased significantly, the city is developing in all directions. From an administrative point of view, the city is divided into 20 districts arranged circularly around the center: Andrei Mureșanu, Becaș, Borhanci, Bulgaria, Bună Ziua, Centru, Dâmbul Rotund, Europa, Făget, Gheorgheni, Grădini Mănăștur (Plopilor), Grigorescu, Gruia , Iris, Between Lakes, Mănăștur, Mărăști, Someșeni, Sopor and Zorilor. Among the peripheral areas of the city developed by real estate are the district-commune Floresti, Feleacu, Apahida or Baciu.

The most important
Real Estate Developers

The real estate developers from Cluj-Napoca welcome you with innovative and modern projects meant to expand the real estate market. Among the main developers are: Transilvania Smart City, Maurer Panoramic, Alfa Residence, Grand Park Sud Residence or Studium Green. Choose the new place in Romania that you can truly call “home”!

Why to invest in

Why would you want to choose Cluj-Napoca? The answer is simple. Dynamic city in continuous development, with cool people and extraordinary projects in the record! Modern architectural constructions, in other words, a real European city!

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