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About București

Elegant architecture and perfect urban atmosphere. It is all about Bucharest, the capital of Romania and the city nicknamed “Little Paris”. After 1862, continuous changes took place, thus becoming the center of the Romanian artistic, cultural and media scene, and after 2000 the city experienced a real economic and cultural boom.

City Dinamics

Bucharest is the most populous city and the most important industrial and commercial center in Romania. From an economic point of view, it is the most prosperous city and one of the main transport hubs in Eastern Europe. It is a good facilitator in terms of conventions, educational institutions, cultural areas with a strong historical impact, leisure areas or shopping centers.

City's neighborhoods

The capital enjoys a special status in Romania, being the only city that does not belong to any county. Divided into six sectors, the city is administered by the Bucharest City Hall and has the same administrative level as the Romanian counties.
The sectors of Bucharest enjoy a truly exceptional history. In 1972 it was divided into four sectors, named in colors as: the Yellow Sector (now known as Sector 1, without western parts and the eastern half of Sector 2), the Black Sector (currently Sector 3 and the eastern half of Sector 2), the Blue Sector (today being the current Sectors 4 and 5), and last but not least, the Green Sector (today the eastern part of Sector 6 and the western part of Sector 1).
Each of these six sectors is divided into neighborhoods, namely:
Sector 1: Dorobanți, Băneasa, Pipera, Floreasca, Dămăroaia, Bucureștii noi, Primăverii, Aviației,
Grivița, Aviatorilor, Victoriei, Pajura, Domenii
Sector 2: Pantelimon, Colentina, Iancului, Tei, Floreasca, Moșilor, Vatra Luminoasă
Sector 3: Vitan, Dudești, Titan, Balta Albă, Centru Civic, Dristor, Muncii, Unirii
Sector 4: Berceni, Giurgiului, Olteniței, Tineretului, Văcărești, Timpuri Noi
Sector 5: Giurgiului, Ferentari, Rahova, Ghencea, Cotroceni, 13 Septembrie
and last but not least, Sector 6: Giulești, Drumul Taberei, Militari, Crângași, Ghencea.

The most important
Real Estate Developers

Romania’s capital is constantly expanding and enjoys the interest of real estate developers eager to develop infrastructure and broaden the city’s horizons. Among the main real estate developers in Bucharest we mention: Green Park Residence, Midtown Residence Cotroceni, Natrom Pipera 1, Titan Sun Park, Luxury Villas, Dimri Residence, Envogue Residence, VERIS Residence Ferdinand, Dream Residence and the list can go on.

Why to invest in

Is Bucharest a city worth to invest in? We definitely say YES! The opportunities here are limitless in all areas of activity. It is a key city especially in terms of location but also in terms of business or education. Real estate… no problem. Potential for infrastructure expansion, dynamic environment, but also quiet areas. Everything you can imagine is in Bucharest!

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